About me

Black Woman, Mother, College Student, and Social Innovator.

  Currently, an undergraduate at Essex County College, studying business administration. Before the covid-19 global pandemic, Darrielle was employed for over eight years as an Event Coordinator. She specialized in curating donations, both in-kind and monetary, for non-profit organizations. Her role consisted of managing multiple fundraising events, such as large galas and silent auctions. Her passion for activism eventually led her to co-found a non-profit organization, “The Barrio Fridge Inc.,”  with her best friend Seantell Campbell. Together they devote a significant amount of time to serving their community and fighting against food insecurity and food waste in East Harlem. 

In 2020, Darrielle was featured on A&E TVs “Voices Magnified,” a national campaign highlighting people making changes in their communities, confronting challenges while fighting for equality, inclusion, and social justice.  A&E TV network acknowledged her for creating  “The Barrio Fridge” mobile app and her dedication to community efforts during the pandemic.


In 2021, Darrielle published her Volunteer and Fridge Management app to both the IOS “app store” and Android “Google Play Store.” Darrielle hopes that her mobile app will empower the members of her community to volunteer actively. The utilization of the app will assist the community members in holding each other equally responsible for the upkeep of the fridge and neighborhood. 


In the future, Darrielle plans to endeavor on a career path in the tech industry as a software engineer. Her goal is to continue to provide technological resources to nonprofit organizations. She genuinely believes that integrating technology with advocacy will propel activism to a higher level. Additionally, through her non-profit, She plans to run a program to educate communities in need on fundamental coding concepts and the importance of using technology in today’s society. Darrielle is very aware of how underrepresented minorities are in the tech world and wants to take the necessary steps to help get their foot in the door.